Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Tories have hidden their Tiverton and Honiton by-election candidate from the media and voters

At 10.15am she arrives at HQ with her sidekick, local Tory chairman Gillian Evans.

As she enters the reception area, I follow her in. Immediately after identifying myself Ms Evans whisks her charge away to the back of the office.

Two burly volunteers then block my path to her and tell me to leave, suggesting I get in touch with the press office to request an interview, something I have done on countless occasions over the past week.

I ask to put just a couple of questions to Ms Hurford.

"This is private property, please leave," says one of the Tory enforcers.

No, David Parsley from the i isn't getting much joy from his attempts to talk to the Conservative candidate in tomorrow's Tiverton and Honiton by-election candidate.

He tried staking out the Tory HQ because she ducks all attempts to talk to her after public debates and has not invited journalists to join her on a canvassing session.

According to Parsley, Helen Hurford isn't that keen on talking to voters either:

Over the past three weeks I have spoken to hundreds of local residents in dozens of towns and villages across this traditionally true-blue seat. Not one of them has seen the Conservative candidate on their street, let alone knock on their door.

Many have seen the other candidates, especially Ms Hurford’s main rival, the Liberal Democrats’ Richard Foord.

I wish Richard all the best for tomorrow.


nigel hunter said...

Johnson hoping that the rail strike will bring out the Tory vote and/or hopes that all else happening in the country will make the LOSS of the seat of secondary importance.
Not to mention the removal of Johnson nepotistic attempt to get Carrie a plum job REMOVED FROM THE TIMES by one of Johnsons mates.
And whilst I am at it what about THE I paper printing info on Johnson 'assisting' bankers to get large bonuses another 'dead cat' to avoid speaking about the REAL problems we have with Johnson and his gang.

nigel hunter said...

This money .30 thou, from the Russian lass,cou;d Johnson be aiming for an Autumn election?

nigel hunter said...

Tomorrow the party needs AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO GET OUT THE VOTE to WIN the seat

John of Louth said...

On her selection, there was initially a lot of chatter about Ms Hurford being a 'formidable' candidate. However, as the campaign has progressed, she has proven to be quite weak, and the reluctance of the local Conservative Association to expose her to much scrutiny is a reflection of that.

Andrew Kitching said...

If candidate like this can win the seat, then our 'democracy' is truly tribal.