Thursday, June 09, 2022

The Joy of Six 1056

"On Monday evening, concerns were raised by the executives of the 1922 committee after several MPs reported the Tory whips were asking members to photograph their ballot papers to prove they had voted in favour of the PM. As a result, all mobile phones were confiscated from Conservative MPs in a bid to maintain privacy and democratic norms." Ava Evans on fear and loathing inside Boris Johnson's Conservative Party.

Tom Chivers explains why the NHS needs more managers, not fewer.

Girls tend not to want to study physics because of the maths it involves, Katharine Birbalsingh told the Commons science and technology committee. Rachel Oliver et al. set out the evidence, which suggests she is wrong.

Chris Meyns asks why modern philosophers don't talk about slavery: "Locke happily claimed that all people are naturally born free, while also co-authoring the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina (1669), of which article 110 reads: 'Every freeman of Carolina shall have absolute power and authority over his negro slaves.'"

"When the Crystal Palace was relocated from Hyde Park to South London in the 1850s, the sculptor Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins was commissioned to create 33 prehistoric animal statues to take up place in the parkland beneath the great glass structure." Richard Luck looks at how they, and fossil dinosaurs discovered in Belgium, are faring.

Literary Britain visits Hull: "Inside the station is what I’ve really come here to see: the marvellous statue of Larkin by Martin Jennings."


nigel hunter said...

As far as mobile phones are concerned they should be BANNED from the House of Commons COMPLETELY.It is a place where the country and its future is sorted out.There should be NO DISTRACTIONS from this.

nigel hunter said...

Not so much more managers but admin staff to take the pressure off doctors and nurses who should be dealing with the health of the patients.

nigel hunter said...

This lady came across to me when listening to her interview has no real idea of what she is talking about and/or looks down on her sex.Hannah Fry comes to mind and a host of others.

SJ said...

I’m not sure that one can say Locke ‘happily’ said both those things as if he didn’t realize there was any contradition between them. The two works were written 20 years apart and for very different patrons. To what extent Locke personally agreed with either of them (and hence either didn’t see the inherent contradiction or, more likely, changed his mind during the tumultous decades of the tumultuous years following the restoration of the monarchy, is an issue of serious and continuing debate!