Wednesday, June 08, 2022

If Labour carry on like this they will lose the next election

Yvette Cooper is about the sharpest politician on the Labour front bench. I'm sure the Conservatives would fear her more as Labour leader than they fear Keir Starmer.

Yet her performance here is pitiful.

Marr's questions were perfectly fair and wholly predictable - Labour has had six years to sort out its response to the referendum result - yet Cooper had nothing useful to say in reply to them.

Come the next election, if they can't do better than this Labour will lose and deserve to lose.

Labour's moderate, sensible shadow cabinet should remember why Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership. It was because the moderate, sensible candidates arrayed against him barely had an interesting sentence to say between them.

And they should remember how ineffective the moderate, sensible Remain campaign was too.

It's easy for those of us who oppose them to work ourselves up into a state where we believe the Tories' wickedness is bound to see them swept from power, but moral indignation will not be enough to win the next general election. Opposition parties will need to be able to answer uncomfortable questions too.


Mick Taylor said...

What a load of disingenuous waffle. Ms Cooper had absolutely no clue about what to do at all.

John of Louth said...

Labour are terrified of offending their EU sceptic former supporters in the Red Wall, so fail to give a clear answer to the tough questions that remain, and hope that there's enough disillusion with Johnson for the public not to care.

Andrew Kitching said...

They are as terrified as the BBC is of Brexit. Tobias Ellwood has shown the way forward- SM (plus EFTA). I don't think 'leavers' would care, as long as inflation fell, and NI stopped being in the headlines.
The Brexit purists would go mad, but to them it is a religion. Business would be pleased with SM alignment

Phil Beesley said...

The next General Election will be flooded with newspaper stories about whether a woman can have a penis. All the opposition parties need coherent policies -- simple stories -- about Brexit/European trade, trans rights, immigration, refugees because the Conservatives are currently pulling their punches. It will be very nasty.