Thursday, June 09, 2022

Are Pat Nevin and Terry Butcher cousins?

According to both their Wikipedia entres, which cite this Guardian column as a reference, Chelsea legend Pat Nevin is the cousin of the former England captain Terry Butcher.

I thought I had my Trivial Fact of the Days, but the judges were not convinced because nowhere on the net does it explain exactly how they are related.

Nevin has mentioned the connection a couple of times, but in a way that muddies the water.

In a Big Issue interview he describes Butcher as "my erstwhile cousin" and in an edition of the podcast The Totally Football Show he describes a week's trial he had at Ipswich Town:

Playing against Terry Butcher ... he didn't know he was playing against his kind-of cousin inverted commas. People who don't know me are kind of "What? You and Terry?" Terry and I know this."

Still the story is a chance to show Nevin scoring for Chelsea and honour this underrated tweet.

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