Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Market Square in Bishop's Castle has a new guardian

I never did learn her name, but I think this is my favourite of all the cats I have met in Shropshire. 

As I wrote the last time I met her:

There is a little square at the top of the main street in Bishop's Castle. It's where the town's Market Hall stood until it was demolished in 1951. The Powis coat of arms that used to be on the building can still be found there.

If you visit the square you may well find a grey and white cat keeping an eye on things.

I met her this summer and you can see her photograph above. But then her photograph has appeared here twice before. You will see that she has a habit of looking into the observer's soul.

This time I learnt a bit more about her. She is 14, has had two litters of kittens and lives in one of the houses bordering the square.

I expect she would like to retire, but would another cat carry out these duties so conscientiously?

That was back in 2017, so I'm afraid she will by now have gone to the happy hunting ground, where mice are slow and shrews taste pleasant.

So let's remember her as she was in her prime with the photograph above. She was indeed able to look into your soul but, unlike most cats, did not judge what she found there.

The reason for this post is that earlier today I was looking at some lovely photographs by Duncan Smart, who has just finished walking the Shropshire Way.

One of them was of the Market Square, Bishop's Castle, and showed that a small black cat has taken on her role.

I look forward to meeting it, if not this summer then certainly next.

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