Sunday, June 05, 2022

Andrew Bridgen publishes anti-Johnson MPs' briefing in blog post

A briefing aimed at Conservative MPs opposed to Boris Johnson continuing as leader has been published by The Pavlovic Today.

In a blog post there Andrew Bridgen, Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, writes:

The disapproval ratings of Boris Johnson are on the trajectory of Jeremy Corbyn’s. Those who are still supporting Prime Minister Johnson are starting to sound like the hardcore Corbynites who, for all their love of their leader, could not see the negative feeling towards him outside their echo chambers. 

But when he goes on to discuss who should succeed Johnson he loses interest in the mood of the nation and is interested only in the mood of Conservative members. And that mood, he says, means their next leader must be a Brexit true believer.

I suppose that as our political parties become smaller their members become less representative of their voters as a whole. There are clear signs of buyer's remorse when it comes to support for Brexit among the wider electorate.

Anyway, here is the briefing, which Bridgen posted in full. You can download it as a pdf from The Pavlovic Today.

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