Monday, June 13, 2022

Exploring Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Fleet Street with John Rogers

Time for another London walk with John Rogers. The YouTube blurb for this one runs:

This central London walk starts by entering Lincoln's Inn Fields via Great Turnstile Street. We then walk admire some of the buildings around Lincoln's Inn Fields including Sir John Soane's Museum, the Royal College of Surgeons, and the London School of Economics. We briefly go into Portsmouth Street before walking through the garden square to Lincoln's Inn. 

The route then goes along Carey Street, past the Seven Stars pub, Bell Yard and Star Yard to Chancery Lane where we admire The Maughan Library at King's College and the London Silver Vaults. 

Next we pick up the tour of Fleet Street at the Daily Telegraph Building, the Daily Express Building, and Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese before heading along Shoe Lane. Our walking tour ends at Dr John's House in Gough Square.

Great Turnstile was the address of the New Statesman when I was a teenage reader in the 1970s, and for a period in the following decade we put Liberator together on a Saturday in an office in Lincoln's Inn.

And John Rogers is right: you often saw filming taking place there. I'm sure I spotted the Liberator editorial collective in the background of a BBC Dickens adaptation one Sunday afternoon.

John has a Patreon account to support his videos and blogs at The Lost Byway.

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