Monday, June 27, 2022

Former Tory MP for Harborough calls on middle-ranking minsters to rebel against Boris Johnson

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Lord Garnier, who as Edward Garnier was Conservative MP for Harborough from 1992 to 2017, has a remarkable letter in The Times today.

It is tucked behind the newspaper's paywall, but someone has kindly tweeted the whole thing:

William Hague has understandably called for cabinet ministers to resign in the aftermath of the two by-election defeats. ... Of course they will not do that as most of them cannot realistically expect to be in then next prime minister's cabinet. 
It therefore needs ministers of state and parliamentary under-secretaries to do what the cabinet cannot or will not do in order to bring about change at the top. They and several coming along behind them are the future of the Conservative Party in government and parliament. The future needs to be grasped.

Lord Garnier QC
Solicitor General for England and Wales, 2010-12; House of Lords

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