Monday, March 25, 2024

101 Charles Darwins gather to boost campaign against Shrewsbury's North West Relief Road

As local government in England subsides through lack of central funding, the Conservatives running Shropshire become more determined to build an environmentally damaging road - the Shrewsbury North West Relief Road - even though it's by no means clear that the funding for it is in place.

The people campaigning against the road have highlighted one of the many trees that will be felled if it goes ahead. That tree is estimated to be 550 years old, and the campaigners have christened it the 'Darwin Oak' because the Darwin family lived nearby.

They reason that Charles must have known it, even climbed it, as a boy. He certainly investigated the geology of nearby quarries as a young man.

On Saturday, 101 people dressed as Charles Darwin assembled by his oak to publicise the campaign against the road. And here they are.

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