Wednesday, March 13, 2024

The Willow Brook to be rewilded through Leicester

There's a story on BBC News about the Trent Rivers Trust receiving a £834,000 grant from the Environment Agency to protect homes and businesses in the eastern side of the city.

Proposed natural flood defences the trust will install include creating new ponds, wetlands and tree planting.

Dr Jon Lewis from the trust says:

"We know that flooding can have a major impact on homes and businesses.

"We work to create natural features such as ponds upstream of where problems can occur - this is called natural flood management.

"The natural features we create can temporarily store water upstream of properties at flood risk."

What really caught my eye was the final sentence in the report which says the project will focus on the Willow Brook, which flows into the River Soar, and the Bushby, Thurnby and Evington brooks.

I began following the Willow Brook across Leicester in 2022 - a project to finish this summer. And I also posted a video of the extraordinary tunnel that takes it under the railway in the city.

And the Willow Brook is formed by the confluence of two of the other little rivers mentioned: the Bushby Brook and the Evington Brook.

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