Friday, March 22, 2024

Big Chum? More on Danny Chambers and Bobi the world's oldest ever dog that wasn't

Remember my post about Danny Chambers and the world's oldest ever dog that wasn't?

It concerned a press story about Bobi, a Portuguese mastiff who died last year, supposedly at the age 31 years and five months. Bobi was briefly listed as the world's oldest ever dog by the Guinness World Records, but it has now withdrawn that recognition.

Danny, who is a vet and a council member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, was quoted as saying he didn't believe the claim about Bobi and he didn't know any vet who did.

Well, the story has made the new Fortean Times:

Bobi's owner Leonel Costa, 38, blamed the withdrawal of his records on "a veterinary elite with a vested interest in the dog food industry" who are in denial about the virtues of Bobi's diet of natural food".

Our Danny in the pay of Big Chum? I refuse to believe it.

This story does give me the chance of positing another video involving Danny, who is one of a roster of impressive Liberal Democrat candidates who will be standing in winnable seats at the next election. In his case it's Winchester.

Here he talks to James O'Brien about the roots of people's resistance to having their children vaccinated.


nigel hunter said...

Any dog that lives over 20 should get a mention and maybe a medal.

Jonathan Calder said...

The Jeremy Thorpe Medal.

Sebastian O'Reilly said...

1) I'm happy to see our party call out the biggest lies in society

2) That Thorpe incident (I'm surprised you can still remember) was just a misundertanding and we can all laugh about it now