Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Labour suspends Sheriff of Nottingham over budget cuts vote

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I won't say Keir Starmer's Labour Party is right wing, but it's just expelled the Sheriff of Nottingham for being too much of a socialist.

From BBC News:
The Sheriff of Nottingham has been suspended from the Labour Party for opposing a huge package of council cuts.

Shuguftah Quddoos was the only member of the party who voted against savings approved by Labour-run Nottingham City Council on Monday.

She said she could not "in good conscience" support cuts she felt would harm the city.

Labour said it expected its members to set a "responsible and legal budget".

Mrs Quddoos has now been suspended from the council's Labour group and the party as a whole, a spokesperson said.
This is a dilemma all councillors face when central government puts them in an impossible position.

I may have voted to set the Poll Tax for Harborough while holding up a 'No Poll Tax' poster that a demonstrator had left in the chamber, but I still voted to set it.

Still, Labour and BBC News have given us our Headline of the Day. The judges were last seen riding through the glen with the Sheriff.

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