Friday, March 15, 2024

George Dobell on the state of English cricket - and me on the state of British cinema

George Dobell is my favourite cricket journalist. He is fair, loves the game and is not afraid to be critical of its authorities.

His daily videos during the test series in India were enjoyable, and this one recorded after the dust had settled is outstanding.

Dobell's point about how much better England would be if the game here wasn't dominated by one social class reminds me of British films today.

When I watched See How They Run last year, my overwhelming impression was not so much that it wasn't very good as that it wasn't half as good as those involved thought it was.

Bernard Lee has referred to its cast "almost waiting for laughter that isn’t deserved, loud sighs coming instead".

He made that observation in a one-star review of Wicked Little Letters, a film whose trailer convinced me that it was another that was too pleased with itself and therefore not worth seeing. 

If charged with this, I suspect those involved would reply with the cinema's equivalent of "that's the way I play," which is a certain kind of English cricketer's response to every criticism.

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