Monday, March 11, 2024

Chris Naylor stands down as Lib Dem PPC for South Shropshire

There's disappointing news from Shropshire: Chris Naylor, the Lib Dem due to fight the South Shropshire constituency at the next election has stood down for health reasons.

The news comes in a blog post by Andy Boddington, and we wish Chris all the best for a full recovery.

Chris says:

"It’s a huge disappointment to have to step down as PPC due to health concerns, after nearly a year now as the South Shropshire Lib Dem Candidate. Sadly, my old cardiovascular problem has flared up again after nearly 10 years. However, having launched a new local Lib Dem branch in the Strettons, and delivered many thousands of leaflets, I’ll still be playing an active part – giving my all to win back South Shropshire.

"Meanwhile I’m delighted that since my news several strong new candidates have come forward and I understand the constituency party will be announcing our new PPC very soon. I’d like to take this opportunity to offer many thanks to colleagues for their kind support."

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Anonymous said...

I hope Mr Naylor will be well, and Shropshire Lib Dems will flourish.

This is yet another reminder of the enormous amount which is asked by the party from PPCs and other activists. I worry about this sometimes. Political participation can be very rewarding - I've met splendid people through the Lib Dems, learned useful skills, got to know my own city much better, and had fun. But I've never got to the stage of organising my life around activism, and when that happens it can be a worry, especially because (unlike for the Tories, Labour, and for the time being the SNP) there isn't really a Lib Dem career path, either in the party or associated organisations.