Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Joy of Six 1216

Sian Norris meets the Polish activists supporting Ukrainian women fleeing war horrors.

"We are in the midst of a major shift in the way we think about mental distress, away from unproven theories about 'chemical imbalances' or genetic flaws and towards a closer look at the circumstances of people’s lives." Lucy Johnstone on changing understandings of mental distress.

"The justification for early boarding is based on a massive but common misconception. Because physical hardship in childhood makes you physically tough, the founders of the system believed that emotional hardship must make you emotionally tough. It does the opposite. It causes psychological damage that only years of love and therapy can later repair." George Monbiot makes the case against sending young children to boarding school.

Owen Hatherley argues that it's possible to provide social housing at scale without making the design mistakes of the past.

"Many venues have their time in the sun as the place to see new bands on the up, but then their roles roles change - covers and pub rock bands might not be my cup of tea, but they perform an important function for everyone involved." Luke Turner says we must value music venues for what they are, not as stops on the road to fame.  

Kevin Sturton marks the 40th anniversary of Robin of Sherwood with a post on The King’s Fool, the final episode in series 1. It subverts the traditional telling of the encounter between Robin Hood and Richard the Lionheart in Sherwood Forest.

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