Monday, March 25, 2024

Flying saucers over Market Harborough

The Leicester Mercury has a round up of three recent UFO sightings in the county. Among them is:

Last year also saw reported UFO sightings above Market Harborough when "highly reflective" objects were seen moving slowly in the sky. The objects, which also flashed at times, had an "unusual hue" according to the reports, while they were also irregular in shape.

Talk of UFOs naturally makes me think of our Conservative police and crime commissioner Rupert Matthews.

Sadly, a search reveals that, not only has the introductory video for his course for the International Metaphysical University disappeared from the web, but so has the American site where he said:

"The evidence for UFOs and for the humanoid creatures linked to them is pretty compelling. However, most of the evidence that suggests some sort of global threat is a lot less convincing. It rests on dubious testimony or simply does not mesh with the mass of evidence about UFOs available elsewhere."

I suspect the Men in Black have been at work online.

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