Monday, March 11, 2024

The genius of Peter Serafinowicz's Terry Wogan impersonation

Thanks to the latest number of The Why Don't YouTube Newsletter, here is a parody of Blankety Blank from the 2003 Comic Relief.

A skim of the comments on YouTube reveals that the panelists are:

  • Martin Freeman as Jonny Rotten
  • Matt Lucas as Sue Pollard
  • David Walliams as Ruth Maddox
  • Simon Pegg as Freddie Starr
  • Nick Frost as Willie Rushton
  • Sarah Alexander as Liza Goddard

The female contestant is played by Stirling Gallacher and the male by Kevin Eldon.

But what shines above them all is Peter Serafinowicz's Terry Wogan impersonation. It's uncannily accurate in a way that, deep down, few impressions are.

The only thing I would question is the script, because I don't think Wogan held the showbiz right-wing views he expresses here.

I remember instead his explanation of our travails in Eurovision: 

"We've invaded too many countries and everyone hates us."

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