Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The Joy of Six 1211

"The erosion of democracy in Hungary took time, and the political takeover came from within, in part, because the pushback by the political opposition was ineffective and at times apathetic. Recent protests in Hungary in support of LGBTQ+ rights are an indication that the Hungarian people are beginning to push back against Orban, but this effort must be expanded and sustained if it is to succeed. Much damage has been done already." Viktor Orban’s Hungary shows how democracy dies, argues William Danvers.

Andrea Coomber reminds us that there are twice as many women in prison as there were 30 years ago: "Nearly two-thirds of women in the criminal justice system have experienced domestic abuse; many have experienced childhood trauma, mental health problems or homelessness. And entering the criminal justice gateway invariably makes things worse, not better. It can mean women lose their jobs and their homes, making it harder to address the problems which brought them into contact with the police in the first place."

"Good play can take many forms – physical, creative, logical, imaginative, sensory. A young child chases around a park pretending to be a dragon, a teenager hangs out with friends in a safe warm space, a child with disabilities uses something to interact with their senses in a new way; in all cases, the child perceives it as fun, uncertain, and non-directed by adults." Psychologist Jennifer Wills Lamacq talks about the importance of children's play.

Jennifer Yule explains the decline in supermarket sales of vegan products.

Fursan Sahawneh expresses concern at the use of telemedicine for diagnosing and treating ADHD in the US: "Telehealth’s expansion is particularly relevant to the behavioural health sector. Without definitive or prerequisite biological markers, psychiatric diagnoses, like ADHD, are especially vulnerable to inflation and exploitation by economic interests."

"Maybe it’s not a masterpiece but it still packs a punch, and the scene at the end, where the audience overhears some awful news just before Joe does, is very powerful." Peter Bradshaw on the 1958 British film Room at the Top


nigel hunter said...

Recently Johnson has written about the fall of Democracy even though he was the instigator of many of the actions that are now attacking it. HAS HE HAD A CHANGE OF HEART? The talk is of people turning away from politics/politicians This leads to a drop in votes that opens the country to extremes(Reform?).We have to show that things can improve by redoubling our efforts on social media. Vast amounts of people use it compared to declining sales of paper media

nigel hunter said...

In Doncaster a prison govner has arranged for prisoners to have a job whilst serving his sentence so he has a job to go to after release. there is also a charity in Leeds that assists in the same thing (missed its name)..Is it not possible that linked to existing projects having a job will give dignity to a woman wishing to rebuild a life?

David B said...

Am I missing something - the Room at the Top link goes to IMDB and not to anything by Bradshaw?

Jonathan Calder said...

Sorry, that's been fixed.