Friday, March 22, 2024

Another Leicestershire Edward VIII postbox: Earl Shilton

You'll find this one in the small town of Earl Shilton, which lies 10 miles south west of Leicester.

I believe it used to stand in the centre, but it's now on the corner of a road called Doctors Fields towards the edge of town.

This move may explain why it's in such lovely condition.

I photographed my first Edward VIII box in Leicester itself and, after Earl Shilton today, I have just one more in the county to find. Legend has it that there used to be a second one in the city - somewhere north of Uppingham Road - but it's no longer there.


nigel hunter said...

How about looking for the 12 Post Boxes painted Gold after the 2012 Olympics?

Jonathan Calder said...

You start, I'll catch you up.

nigel hunter said...

HA HA .Beat you. I have a map of them!