Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Breedon on the Hill from the sky

Blogging about the Church Langton Chappie, I mentioned St Mary and St Hardulph at Breedon on the Hill elsewhere in Leicestershire.

This video shows that church, and in particular its remarkable situation.

St Mary and St Hardulph is on a hill - in fact Breedon on the Hill means 'Hill Hill on the Hill' - above the village and above the surrounding countryside. You get good views of planes taking off from and landing at East Midlands Airport.

And, as you will see, that hill is still being quarried away.

If you google videos of Breedon, the first that comes up is of Andrew Bridgen in the churchyard explaining how globalists are poisoning his precious bodily fluids, but I thought I would spare you that.

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