Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bourgeois radical false counsciousness

I shall probably write something about Tim Henman when he finally retires, but a comment by the normally sensible Dave Hill has caught my eye.

Comparing Henman with Andy Murray, Hill writes:
At least my relationship with Henman was straightforward - he was my class enemy. It's much trickier being someone's surrogate dad.
Class enemy? I wonder what Hill does for a living? Coal mining, perhaps? sheet-metal working? Farm labouring?

Er, no. If you look at the top of his blog you will find that hill describes himself as a novelist and journalist. And a journalist who writes regularly writes for the Guardian at that. Hill couldn't get more middle class if he tried.


Dave Hill said...

Hello Jonathan. The following may interest you:


Jonathan said...


Many thanks.

I have replied in a comment on your posting.