Monday, September 15, 2008

Another column for the New Statesman website

I write a fortnightly column - "Calder's Comfort Farm" - for the New Statesman's website.

The latest one was posted this morning. It discusses, among other things, Alistair Darling's holiday on Lewis:

Swings are chained up on Sundays lest children imperil their immortal souls by playing. Nor does the local television station help. Last time I was there, peak-time viewing was a programme in Gaelic about a poet who emigrated to Canada and then died. That sort of thing wows them in Stornoway but can have done little to lighten Darling’s mood.

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Anonymous said...

Stop peddling ancient inaccuracies. You are so keen to run the place down and atempt humour, you care little for truth and facts. No swings are chained up on Sundays - not for 10 years anyway. There is no local TV station.
Do you mean BBC Scotland or Scottish TV? Hardly local, numbskull.

Stornoway resident.