Monday, September 08, 2008

Telford Council to question single people seen in town park

Earlier today I noticed that someone from Liberty had been reading one of my posts on the Telford penguins. I smiled.

But it isn't funny any more.

This evening's Shropshire Star reports:

Council staff on the lookout for paedophiles have been ordered to stop and quiz any adults found walking in Telford Town Park without a child, it was revealed today.

Anyone who wants to go to the park but is not accompanied by at least one youngster will have to explain why they are there.

As you would expect, there is more on the indefatigable Telford & Wrekin Council Watch:

This policy is flawed and is an indication of the “Wholesale Scaremongering” that only Telford and Wrekin Council are capable of endorsing.

Telford Town Park has once and for all lost its appeal and having walked there myself since this policy revelation, I and others now feel uncomfortable walking in a Park we once enjoyed and as decent people have every right to be in ...

The letter below clearly states,

“Staff approach adults that are not associated with any children in the Town Park and request the reason for them being there”

It does not differentiate between one area or another and does not say “around Childs Play Areas” nor does it define the areas in which children only are allowed to play.

If this really is the council's policy then it marks a new low in our national panic about the threat to children.


Anonymous said...

It is right, this has stopped being funny and quite light hearted, it has really become quite a serious affair.

I am preparing to protest at the Arena within the Town Park on Saturday 13th Sept at 1030am.

I have already received emails offering support.

Natrually, I will not have any leaflets, but will be taking a placard and a video camera.

James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

Not that I'm being serious but surely, statistically speaking, they would find more paedophiles by questioning adults accompanied by children?

curlyjim said...

This has nothing to do with child protection whatsoever. It is some local government jobsworth trying to justify their salary by inventing a problem that exsists only in their sick, twisted minds.
It is these people who need to be monitored, not the general public.
These wet handwringers are dangerous, need to be exposed for what they are and promply removed from their posts before they can cause more public harm.