Saturday, September 27, 2008

Creative protest at Shropshire cemetery

A Shrewsbury graveyard at the centre of a row about tributes being left by graves has been branded with a clear message to council bosses.

Visitors to the Chaffinch area of Emstrey Crematorium were left upset today after spotting the 3ft high, 12ft long message “Mean Buggers” branded on a verge bank with what appears to be weed killer.
The Shropshire Star has a photograph.


Frank Little said...

The David Farrar story is more complicated than you say. On the back of his starring performances in British films (and top of my list is the demon-wracked bomb disposal officer Sammy Rice in "The Small Back Room"), he tried to make it in Hollywood. There were a few under-written parts in second-rate films and he returned briefly to the UK. He wasn't able to resume where he had left off (apart from a supporting role in a Cliff Richard vehicle), so his decision to retire to South Africa was understandable. (From memory, but I believe substantially correct.)

A sad waste.

Jonathan Calder said...

This comment appears to have wandered in from another posting.