Saturday, September 27, 2008

Creative protest at Shropshire cemetery

A Shrewsbury graveyard at the centre of a row about tributes being left by graves has been branded with a clear message to council bosses.

Visitors to the Chaffinch area of Emstrey Crematorium were left upset today after spotting the 3ft high, 12ft long message “Mean Buggers” branded on a verge bank with what appears to be weed killer.
The Shropshire Star has a photograph.


Frank H Little said...

The David Farrar story is more complicated than you say. On the back of his starring performances in British films (and top of my list is the demon-wracked bomb disposal officer Sammy Rice in "The Small Back Room"), he tried to make it in Hollywood. There were a few under-written parts in second-rate films and he returned briefly to the UK. He wasn't able to resume where he had left off (apart from a supporting role in a Cliff Richard vehicle), so his decision to retire to South Africa was understandable. (From memory, but I believe substantially correct.)

A sad waste.

Jonathan said...

This comment appears to have wandered in from another posting.