Sunday, September 21, 2008

Michael Medwin in Heartbeat

Three weeks ago Heartbeat borrowed a plot from an old British film. Tonight it borrowed an actor.

Hello to Michael Medwin (born 1923), who made his movie debut 1946 and is clearly still going strong. You may remember him as the radio station boss in Shoestring.

Later. I have now found an interview he gave to the Radio Times in his Shoestring years.


Frank Little said...

Older readers will also remember Medwin as Corporal Springer in "The Army Game". I first saw him in Francis Durbridge's "The Teckman Mystery" (1954), and I was surprised to see from IMDb how much work he had done before then.

He is one of the best adverts for being brought up by a same-sex couple, something he revealed on a chat-show around the time "Shoestring" came to an end.

Ivor Nadir said...

Fascinating. Which sex?