Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Young Knives: The Decision

Just to prove that not all my choices come from the 1960s, here is a contemporary band. Not only that, but they originally came from Leicestershire - Ashby de la Zouch, to be precise.

It is hard to resist the feeling that you have heard this song before somewhere (Supergrass? early Blur? early Divine Comedy?), but impossible to say exactly where. Maybe music is like writing: if you copy enough different people you become original.

I suppose the band's English eccentricity is rather studied - the bass player is called The House of Lords "because he's big and all all important decisions have to go through him". But is that any sillier than calling yourself The Edge?

If you want to see The Young Knives playing live you can here, but I like this video. It starts like Mitchell & Webb and ends like The League of Gentlemen.

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