Monday, September 08, 2008

"Vulcan" by Chris Wood

The Esoteric Recordings website announces:

October will see the release of an album which has been many months in preparation, Chris Wood’s “Vulcan”.

I’m sure some of you will be aware of Chris’ work as a member of the legendary band Traffic. “Vulcan” is essentially the “lost” solo album recorded by Chris following the demise of Traffic in 1974.

The idea for “Vulcan” was formulated prior to Traffic’s final tour and the record was assembled slowly over the next few years with contributions from Steve Winwood and members of The Wailers. Sadly Chris never saw the album completed and following his untimely passing in 1983 the tapes remained in the possession of his family.

Now, thanks to the full involvement and assistance of Chris’ sister Sefanie and long-time Traffic fan Dan Ropek, “Vulcan” has been assembled and sees the light of day this Autumn. It is a project which all of us at Esoteric feel honoured to have been a part of.

I don't know what "Vulcan" will prove to be like, but you can read more about Chris Wood and hear him play on "Freedom Rider" .

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