Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Geoff Hoon and Ruth Kelly to leave Cabinet

Newsnight has just claimed there is to be a Cabinet reshuffle next Friday.

They say that Geoff Hoon will be sent to Brussels as Britain's new European Commissioner and that Ruth Kelly has chosen to stand down.

The programme is tipping Liam Byrne and Jim Murphy as the ministers to be promoted.

Geoff Hoon is being interviewed at the moment and has certainly not contradicted any of this.


Niles said...

Hoon to become Commissioner? That means a by-election in Ashfield!

dreamingspire said...

Ed Milipede seen on TV saying what a great job Ruth has done... Not in DfT she hasn't. Nor in that dept has Tom Harris, but he needs a capable SofS to lead.
We are going to chuck out this lot, not because we believe the others will do any better, but just because we are going to punish them for doing so badly (and, as I may have commented before, some people don't warm to Gordo to put it mildly). Time for the LDs to seriously study how to do better and plan for it: methods for excellent service delivery are well known but are being ignored.