Sunday, September 07, 2008

Kirsty Williams: The Lib Dems' Barack Obama?

This fanciful suggestion is made - without proper attribution - by an article from Wales Online:
Kirsty Williams is racing ahead in the battle to become Welsh Liberal Democrat leader – and the first female head of any party in the country, Wales on Sunday understands.

Fans of the mother-of-three have compared the Brecon and Radnorshire AM to both US presidential candidate Barack Obama and “a street fighter”.
Apart from that it is a sensible look at who may become leader of the Liberal Democrats in Wales. Jenny Randerson has not made up her mind whether to stand yet. Eleanor Burnham wants to stand, but may be reliant on a change in the party constitution to get nominated.


Steph Ashley said...

Ms Randerson argues the party should be ready to consider how best to use private finance to improve the NHS.

She said: “We have got to say: ‘How can we engage private sector money in a collaborative model?’”

Uh-oh. That's beginning to sound like she is enjoying her position as spokes on health enough that she won't step up.

I am a total Kirsty Williams fangirl and not ashamed to admit it, but if she's named leader without an election I'll be very disappointed.

Peter Black said...

It was attributed to Mick Bates AM I believe. He needs to calm down :-)