Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ed Balls pictured in Nazi uniform

The Daily Mail - which has the photograph - reports:
Ed Balls makes great play of the fact that his Oxford contemporaries David Cameron and Boris Johnson were members of the Bullingdon Club, notorious for its rowdy drunken behaviour.
Last year, 41-year-old Mr Balls declared: 'World-class education not for all, but for the privileged elite - that is Cameron Conservatism. And who is David Cameron's chosen candidate to be Mayor of London? A Bullingdon Club throwback to a bygone age.' 
Coming from a man who was pictured in a German officer's uniform staring at the crotch of a fellow student wearing comedy plastic buttocks, his words have a somewhat hollow ring.
Balls, it seems, was a member of an all-male Oxford drinking club called the Steamers.

Maybe that is what you get for sending your son to a public school?

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