Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cold calling gets cold shoulder

The Lib Dem plan to contact more than 250,000 voters by telephone with a recorded message from Nick Clegg does not impress Patrick Goss.

He writes on his editor's blog for TechRadar UK:
I'll lay it on the line – I normally vote Liberal Democrat; I hate ID cards, I didn't think we should have got into Iraq and even as I get older and set in my ways I still find more often than not that I agree with Britain's third party.

But when a party is so utterly out of touch with the voting populace that they start to believe that a cold call phone call by a machine is an appropriate way of putting them back in the running it makes my blood boil.

I find cold calls infuriating. Every time someone from a mobile phone company rings me up to urge me to trade in my handset I feel my hackles rising and the blood flooding into my face.

But when that call is not even by a real human being – which at least gives me the satisfaction of 'explaining' why it is inappropriate to be calling me in my already skimpy home time – I make a silent vow not to buy whatever that company is selling. Ever.
Bizarrely, this plan seems to have been the subject most discussed at yesterday's press conference about the leader's speech, which was conducted by Danny Alexander.

Well, maybe it will work.
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Hywel said...

Borderline in it's legality as well - you need prior consent for automated marketing calls.

At least three of our PPCs likely to be involved in this scheme are on record as opposing calling TPS registered voters in 2005 (Teather, Tod and Featherstone)


Quite right, its a hideous idea and I'm ashamed that we are considering doing it.

AverageEarthman said...

Would be a *very* good way to lose my vote.

Anonymous said...

It's a bad idea, exactly what I would complain to OFCOM about, and makes me question why I should give Cowley Street another penny if they blow it on stupid stunts like this.

Edis said...

Political parties only get TPS exemption if the call is opinion-seeking not marketing.

Regardless of legality, this is a thoroughly duff idea and Clegg needs a knuckle rap for doing this.

Anonymous said...

This idea came from friends of the Leader and not anyone at Cowley Street.

It is being paid for by a specific donation not membership fees or appeal income.

Anonymous said...

I agree it's a completely stupid idea. Funnily enough, Cleggy spoke about 'faceless Britain' when he wanted us to elect him as leader, now we are turning into the faceless party!

Anonymous said...

Personally feel that its not a bad idea provided it started with "hi, this is a message by nick clegg of the LD party, please stay on the line if you have Xmins to spare. thank you"