Friday, September 26, 2008

EU blogger registration plan scuppered

Calls in the European Parliament for bloggers to be registered by government received a lot of coverage in a recent Britblog Roundup here.

EU Observer reports that the idea has died a death:
MEPs passed a resolution with 307 votes to 262 calling on the European Commission and member states to safeguard pluralism amongst newspapers, television programmes, radio and on the internet in an era of ever-concentrating media ownership.
The resolution also called for "an open discussion on all issues relating to the status of weblogs" - much softer language regarding blogs than had earlier appeared in the report on which the resolution was based.
Was the threat exaggerated, as so many Euro stories seem to be? Read EU Observer's report and judge for yourself.

Iain Dale says:
I suspect this isn't quite the end of the story and that periodically they will return to the issue, as is usual in EU matters. Eternal vigilance is required!

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