Monday, September 08, 2008

Is fox mess the new dog mess?

Market Harborough Lib Dems have broken new ground, says the Harborough Mail.

Forget campaiging on dog mess:

Gaps in fencing surrounding Harborough's new £300,000 play area at Welland Park could encourage foxes to use the area as a toilet, councillors have warned.

Concerned Liberal Democraft councillors say the woodbark surface at the new Harborough District Council-owned play area – officially opened on August 4 – could be a magnet for animals to use as a toilet.

Phil Knowles, Harborough’s Lib Dem group chairman, said: “Between 35 and 50 per cent of urban foxes carry toxocariasis. Foxes are seen regularly in Harborough.

“Cllr Sarah Hill, Cllr Roger Dunton and myself are deeply concerned about the possibility that the woodbark could attract foxes which use the bark as little more than toilet facilities.”

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