Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Harborough waste collection story on The Politics Show

As I reported a few days ago, on Sunday the controversy over Harborough District Council's handling of its waste collection contractors Focsa was the subject of a report on the East Midlands version of The Politics Show.

The report has no new revelations, but it confirms that situation is as it has been presented on this blog. You can watch it on BBC iPlayer for the next few days. The report begins at around 43:30.

The interviewees include local Lib Dem councillors Sarah Hill and Phil Knowles, Alex Blackwell from the Harborough Mail and our MP Edward Garnier, who is guardedly critical of the way the Conservative-run council has handled the matter. Displaying its usual cack-handed touch, the council refused to put up anyone to be interviewed.

There are also some nice shots of the converted corset factory that houses the council offices and the council chamber where I used to speak for the people of Market Harborough North Ward.

My old friend Phil Knowles is also the subject of a longer studio interview at the end of the report. That is not a Leicestershire accent, by the way: he comes from Dudley.

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Anonymous said...

If people object to this development still the planning restrictions posted here: http://politics.leics.gov.uk/documents/s47084/FOCSA%20use%20of%20land%20for%20parking%20storate%20of%20refuse%20vehicles%20change%20of%20use%20of%20building%20to%20vehicle%20wo.pdf

Should be reviewed against works actually done on site, as very little of what was required has been done especially the surfacing and noise issues that had remediation identified as a requirement for use