Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May statporn for Liberal England

I have not published my stats before but, inspired by Caron's Musings, I am going to do so this time.

May was the best ever month for visitors to this blog. According to Statcounter, there were 31,450 pageloads from 25,149 unique visitors.

Because, unlike Caron I do not use Google Analytics I cannot tell you which posts were most popular in any detail. But the ones on the Liberal Democrats do much better than the ones on Leicestershire churches, I am afraid.

One interesting point is that the peak readership during the general election campaign came about a week before polling day. So for the first week of May the trend was downwards, even though I was getting more readers than usual. Was that a sign that Cleggmania was dwindling, as reflected in the eventual election result?

Whatever the truth of that, my readership shot up to new heights during the days after the election when coalition negotiations were taking place.

One other point: the first month for which I have full stats is August 2004. But as I had computer problems that month and did not blog at all, it is not a fair comparison. So let's take September 2004.

Then this blog had 238 unique visitors.

1 comment:

lavengro said...

Congratulations! Your readership will be higher. There must be many others like me who read your posts on Feed Demon or other aggregators, and don't show up on StatCounter.

I only actually visit your site to post a comment or to read comments. I occasionally post comments on Liberal matters. I do not post comments on Leicestershire churches though I do read the messages.