Friday, June 18, 2010

Leaked email from Tory council leader appears in Harborough Mail

The impression that all is not sweetness and light within the ruling Tory group on Harborough District Council has been strengthened by the appearance of a leaked email in the Harborough Mail.

The email was written by the Conservative leader of the council, Cllr Michael Rook, just before the controversy over Harborough's handling of its waste management service was featured on the East Midlands regional segment of the BBC's Politics Show (that report is no longer available via iPlayer).

Ironically, the email was an attempt to keep the matter out of the press. Rook wrote to his fellow councillors:
No member of our Group will make a statement to any member of the press or media about this issue, whether Ward Member or simply interested member, portfolio party or town representative, without first talking to Jannette Ackerley [another Tory councillor] or I (sic).
I don't know if the email was leaked by one of Rook's fellow Tory councillors who resented being treated like this, but well done to the Harborough Mail for reproducing it in full.


Martin Brookes @oakhamuk said...

Yes well done Harborough Mail, we need reporters in Rutland who dont give in to cream cake and a cup of tea and report what the councils want published.

For example Oakham Town Council Co-option. The Rutland Times this week is promising reader a full story next week.

How can they report the full story when they did not even send a reporter?

Martin Brookes @oakhamuk said...

excuse my ranting