Thursday, June 24, 2010

Six of the Best 67

The nef triple crunch blog ("new economics solutions for the interlinked credit, climate and energy crises" - and not a capital letter in sight) sees David Boyle arguing that Liberal Democrat ministers must stand up to the Treasury.

Finding it hard to get your head round the concept of "the Big Society"? Don't worry, says The Big Society Blog.

Mark Reckons defends John Redwood - and quite right too.

You can now be gaoled for five years for owning a war trophy. The Devil's Knife (that's The Devil's Kitchen after it grasped that swearing is neither big nor clever) introduces us to the worrying case of Gail Cochrane.

"The teen-on-teen 'respect' murder is a symptom not of children growing up too quickly but of failing to mature at all," argues Ed West on the Daily Telegraph site.

Tourism in Retrospect tells us that battlefield tourism began at Waterloo in 1854.

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David said...

in Vanity Fair, Thackeray talks about visiting Waterloo himself. He asks his Belgian guide if he was at Waterloo at the time of the battle and the man replies, "Pas si bete" (The 1st e should have a circumflex) - "Not so stupid". The first time I visited Waterloo the battlefield was closed. I asked myself what the Duke of Wellington would have done, then climbed through the fence and had a good look anyway. Judging by the Belgian merchandise on sale, Napoleon won the battle.