Sunday, June 27, 2010

Richard Thompson: Hope You Like the New Me

We last Richard Thompson as part of Fairport Convention in 1970. Since then, after a series of albums with his then wife Linda, he has become famous as a a solo performer - though he is still widely acknowledged to be less celebrated than he deserves.

This is the final track on his 1999 album Mock Tudor. It resembles a Patricia Highsmith novel: we learn that the protagonist has stolen our jokes and the way we walk, and then it turns more sinister.


Mark said...

Is it a coincidence that you posted this on the day he played at Glastonbury?

It was the first time I had seen him, and I didn't know his solo stuff at all; I really enjoyed it and now am off to amazon to buy some of his records.

Jonathan Calder said...

I normally have my finger on the cultural pulse, but I am afraid it was just a coincidence.