Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Six of the Best 61

“Will the Liberal Democrats survive the coalition?” asked a Guardian article this morning. Writing on Lib Dem Voice, Stephen Tall fisks it. Or, since he describes it as "a curate's egg of an article", perhaps that should be whisks it.

All your worst fears about Labour's Digital Economy Act were well founded. PC Pro reports that Ofcom is advising anyone who offers free Wi-Fi access to consider restricting the service or risk prosecution.

The Real Blog discusses The Wizard of Oz and plugs a modern retelling of the story by David Boyle.

The white horse at Westbury in Wiltshire is the latest destination for English Buildings.

How to be a Retronaut has two remarkable colour photographs of the London Blitz. (NB: The Second World War did not take place in black and white.)

And our latest recipe - for lemon mousse - comes from Always Win When You're Singing.

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Mark Pack said...

It's worth pointing out I think that the Ofcom document mentioned is a draft code - so there's time to submit responses to the consultation arguing that people providing WiFi for altruistic reasons should be given the same protection as those providing it for business reasons on a small scale.