Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Avoiding George IV


I am often surprised at our tabloid press. After an enjoyable day watching my own XI defeat the Scottish Nationalists, I repair to the Library to read tomorrows newspapers - I have them brought to the Hall by fast bicycle as soon as they are published in Fleet Street.

The News of the World splashes (as I believe the word is) on the intelligence that the erstwhile Duchess of York taken money in return for promising to introduce a journalist to her former husband.

But her willingness to do this has been an open secret for years! I have myself given her money more than once to ensure that the Duke of York does not attend a function I am organising.

Interestingly, my great-grandfather once had the front of the Hall painted green when George IV was in the area in hope that he would fail to see the old pile against the surrounding fields and ride past.

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