Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lembit4London... and Montgomeryshire

The story of the day has been Lembit Opik's launch of a website to further his ambition to be the next Liberal Democrat London mayoral candidate.

“I can see why people are keen on me to consider standing"
says the site. The grammar is shaky and it doesn't say who these people are.

But at the same time Opik has been telling this blog's favourite newspaper a rather different story.

The Shropshire Star reports:

Former Montgomery MP Lembit Opik is considering a sensational return to politics by taking on the man who defeated him in the General Election.

Mr Opik lost his seat in one of the surprise results of May 6 to the Conservative Party’s Glyn Davies.

However, today Mr Opik said he remained the candidate for Montgomeryshire and had not ruled out an attempt to reclaim the seat ...

“It’s up to my party whether they would want me to remain the candidate. But I wouldn’t rule it out. My home is in Newtown and I have a flat in London. I remain committed to the area and I’m looking at my present situation as an enforced career break.”
Glyn Davies, incidentally, had to postpone making his maiden speech after being hospitalised with an irregular heartbeat. Happily, it sounds as though he has made a full recovery.


Anonymous said...

Please don't talk him into standing in Monty. If you let him stand here again the Conservatives will have another safe seat. Many of us Liberals are so glad to have got rid of the attention-seeking muppet that we deserve a Libreral candidate with at least a passing interest in his or her constituents other than as a way to give him or her a platform from which to self-promote

rob's uncle said...

A long period of silence from Mr Opik would be welcome now that we are in government & wish to present ourselves as a serious party. He is no doubt well intentioned but he has entertained us long enough & should now leave the stage quietly before we send the men in flapping coats round to put him in a strait jacket.

If he declines to go, he should think on Thorpe, Scott and the dog that died on the moor.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Lembit that a good marriage and membership of the Non-Subscibing Presbyterian Church would put right.

Anonymous said...

"Mr Opik lost his seat in one of the surprise results of May 6"

Wasn't a surprise to me. I thought he had so lost the plot that he had no chance of winning

edjoyce said...

The lembit4london site was set up to encourage Lembit to stand. It has the names of those involved. The grammer should be fine - you may have picked it up as we were posting.

Ed Joyce