Sunday, June 27, 2010

Six of the Best 68

Liberal Democrat MP Adrian Sanders argues that the nastiness of Labour's campaign against us shows they "simply don’t understand what has and is happening in the world around them".

David Boyle on The Real Blog thinks that Prince of Wales is right over Chelsea Barracks. "What are we, who believe that aesthetics are the proper concern of local people, to do?" he asks. "Prince Charles may not be the perfect instrument for a democratic age, but he is no less democratic than his opponents."

Missives from Doktorb supports John Leech's campaign for "Jerusalem" to be the anthem for all English national teams.

The pleasures of record collecting in the days before eBay, with special reference to Scott Walker, are discussed by Unmann-Wittering Blog.

The Economist finds that blogging is holding its own against newer forms of social media, but that specialisation may be the way forward.

Like me, Keeper of the Snails spoke at the Lowdham Book Festival yesterday. Her posting has many photographs of the day - one of my own can be seen above.

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