Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Scottish Tories "fight for financial survival"

The withdrawal of funding by major donors plus a new hard-line attitude towards its Scottish operation from Tory headquarters in London has meant that a meeting of the party’s ruling executive in Edinburgh tonight has assumed crisis proportions.

The formation of the coalition government, with the appointment of a Liberal Democrat as Scottish Secretary, is causing a major split in the attitude towards Scotland among senior London-based Tories.

“Many of them now regard Scotland as a Lib Dem problem and have washed their hands of us,” said one party official in Edinburgh

More in the Daily Telegraph.


Chris Matthews said...

Oooh interesting, but also a little frightening perhaps. Does this tie in with Jonathan Meades's guess (at the end of the last series) that Cameron could let Scotland seperate, which will create an English government where the Tory party would have a majority?

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks for that. Jonathan Meades links are always welcome.

See this posting too.

Foregone Conclusion said...

See also this from a Scottish Tory: