Sunday, June 20, 2010

Six of the Best 66

Caron's Musings is delighted that the Liberal Democrat MPs Jo Swinson and Duncan Hames have got engaged. In a thoroughly modern way, the proposal and reply (happily not "WTF? ROTFLMAO") both took place on Twitter.

It seems that not all is well with the current Liberal Youth internal elections. So Liberal Bureaucrat finds himself "putting aside my Returning Officer hat and replacing it with my 'old enough to be your father' hat".

Spiderplant Land views Labour opposition to government cuts with suspicion.

Besides, as Mark Pack on Liberal Democrat Voice points out, Labour last budget committed it to £44bn of cuts. So why don't we ask them what they were going to cut?

Wonderfully and unexpectedly, Lynne Featherstone declares herself as a lover of boxing. I hope I haven't taken my life in my hands by borrowing this photograph from her blog.

Writing on Spiked, Mick Hume puts his finger on an important point: "Never mind all those droning vuvuzelas, the plastic horns that have been drowning out pretty much everything else in South Africa over the past week. The most irritating constant noise at the World Cup 2010 to date is James Corden."

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Niles said...

I read the engagement via twitter as reporting of facts post hoc rather than the actual question itself?