Monday, May 31, 2010

Unauthorised cheese-rolling breaks out in Gloucestershire

From BBC News:

An annual cheese rolling contest in which contestants chase cheese down a steep hill has gone ahead despite officially being cancelled.

The event at Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire was called off on health and safety grounds after 15,000 people attended last year.

Officials feared the event could not host so many people safely.

Despite the warnings, more than 100 people were believed have attended an unauthorised cheese-rolling event.

And today spectators were allowed on to the outfield at Lord's for the first time in years. Slowly but surely, the bony fingers of socialism are being prised from the throat of our national life.

This just in. The are reports of spontaneous morris dancing breaking out in two separate locations in Norfolk. More when we have it.


dreamingspire said...

Congrats to those determined souls! Let's hope that next year there can be the funds for crowd control - but please don't stop the competitors from risk taking.

ArmchairTactician said...

I guess I am supposed to say it's politcal correctness gone mad eventhough it is a health and safety issue.

Jonathan Calder said...

Something along those lines would be useful, thanks.