Friday, May 28, 2010

A mud wall in Tur Langton

Little Bowden has a mud wall, and do does Tur Langton.

In fact, the books suggest that the village has a house whose walls are partly built of mud, so I shall have to go back and find it one day.

And visit The Crown again too.


Anonymous said...

It's known as Cob in the southwest of England:

Daro said...

I knew a farmer called Chris Cobb in Australia. Emigrated from Devon in England. Told me his old man was a builder. Now it makes sense. There's something touching about a man's name being a clue to his background.

wolfi said...

Really interesting, didn't know about that. In Hungary most houses were built out of mud bricks - very similar.

The house that I bought has these thick walls and stays cool in summer ...

OT: Jonathan, did you go/ are you going to Winwood's and Clapton's concerts ?