Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Six of the Best 58

The Liberal Democrat fightback is well and truly on in Camden, says Jonathan Fryer, celebrating our holding of all three seats in the delayed election in Haverstock ward.

Writing on Conservative Home, Paul Goodman (former MP and contemporary of mine at the University of York) argues that Nick Clegg should be invited to address this year's Tory Conference and that the two parties need to get to know one another better more generally.

Gerald Warner, writing on the Daily Telegraph site, would probably nor agree with him: "The Conservative Party is not a happy ship. The crew does not trust the captain or anybody on the quarterdeck. It could hit the rocks at any time within the next five years and split apart. Never has there been less sense of jubilation, or even satisfaction, among Tories following upon the appointment of a Conservative prime minister and the delivery of a Queen’s Speech."

I doubt Warner would agree with Phillip Blond either. Blond, on the ResPublica site, believes the Conservatives should not fear the Alternative Vote system.

The Woodland Trust campaigns blog muses on the charity's successful 10-year fight to save valuable habitat from the expansion of Stansted Airport.

This Could be Ludlow or Anywhere has a recipe for rabbit pie.

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