Sunday, May 23, 2010

Six of the Best 57

Shane Harris of The Daily Beast approves of Britain's new deputy prime minister: "Clegg should be applauded for challenging the conventional wisdom - much of it disproved by recent events - that more cameras, more DNA databases, and more digital monitoring actually preempts acts of terrorism."

A Very Public Sociologist tries (and fails) to find a justification for the SWP's disruption of the talks about the British Airways dispute.

"The social makeup of the student bodies at Oxford and Cambridge (and most other traditionally prestigious universities) reflect (sic) the massive class divide and laughable lack of social mobility in the UK, but they don’t cause it," argues The Third Estate.

Writing on Pickled Politics, Rumbold suggests that anonymity for the accused in rape cases may make convictions more likely.

Jane Austen's World has an account of the strange marriage of the Prince Regent and Princess Caroline of Brunswick.

Tidings from Dundee: Cllr Fraser Macpherson tells us that the Tay Rail Bridge Disaster Memorial Group has a new website.

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