Sunday, May 30, 2010

Harborough waste collection story on today's BBC Politics Show

I know we are all on the same side now, but this blog has been covering our local Tories' mismanagement of the waste collection service here in the Harborough district. A recent post has all the links you need to get up to speed.

It seems that the BBC has now picked up the story too and that it will feature in the East Midlands regional section of this morning's Politics Show. (The programme starts at 11 a.m.)

According to the BBC website, my old friend Cllr Phil Knowles will be interviewed. And it has a picture of the mild-mannered Nigel Brotherton - the assistant chief executive in my days on the council, who has since blown the whistle - looking mean and moody.


Frank Little said...

Are the regional segments of the Politics Show available on the WWW?

Jonathan Calder said...

I think so. I have linked to one before.

I'll add the link to this one if I find it.