Friday, May 07, 2010

Six of the Best 50

Let's attempt to get back to normal blogging by celebrating the Golden Jubilee of this feature.

Most of yesterday's winners and losers are still to tired to blog about their experiences, but a few have managed it. Steve Webb on The Webb Log is delighted to be the first MP for Thornbury and Yate.

And Birkdale Focus celebrates John Pugh's retention of Southport for the Liberal Democrats.

The Freethinking Economist would like the answer to several questions about the election. Notably, what did Labour do to switch the momentum back towards them in so many of the seats we hoped to win from them. (My theory: fear of a Tory victory leads to atavistic voting.)

Viewing our "lunatic electoral system" from afar, Lavengro in Spain believes "a house of cards cannot stay up for ever".

It seems a lifetime ago, but earlier this week there was controversy over the Young Britons' Foundation and the leaflets inveighing against a hung parliament that it was delivering in marginal seats. Mark Pack, on Liberal Democrat Voice, will remind you of the details.

Finally, a welcome respite from the frantic activity of election week. An art video that uses scenes from one of my (and his) favourite films - A Canterbury Tale - leads Go Litel Blog, Go ... to meditate upon slowness.

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